Clément BORRE

Painting today is created by reconnecting with the sublime by introducing old methods of the radical gestures of the modernism.  Those gestures borrowed from the minimalist and that of naturist who saw the medium as the only message to bring forth serves nowadays to honor the beauty of nature.

The excess material is not something to be understood as a generational reaction to the old dogma which is “less is more” but rather as a characteristic of the proliferation of the living. The universe is in its full substance of life as we find in the equatorial forest where beauty is luxurious.  The desert also portrays its own type of beauty, but I am a child of the woods.

I consider painting as a mutant substance which must imitate natural forms by respecting its own chemical properties. The history of art gives us a multitude of choices to choose from by picking any image that suit my feelings or needs. Time is essential, the most important factor in my artwork.  Each piece of artwork takes months to years to [complete]achieve the desired result.

Mimetisme or the art of imitating natural sedimentation is what I am looking for as well as to integrate the figuration.

Group Shows

  • 2019 « Kit ou double », Baslieux, France
  • 2018 Dorossy Salon Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • 2017 « Ces lieux qui nous gouvernent », Haut Pavé Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2017 « Les Horizons Alternatifs » House of region, Strasbourg, France
  • 2016 « Paintings », Kunstwerk of Cologne, Cologne, Germany
  • 2016 The annual Award, Vitry sur Seine, France
  • 2015 « Incises », Frédéric Moisan Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2014 Paris Art Fair with Frédéric Moisan Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2014 « Oblique Stratégies », Sèvres, France
  • 2013 Paris Art Fair with Frédéric Moisan Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2011 « To a certain entent », l’espace Paris-Concret, Paris, France
  • 2011 « Commettre » au 6b de Saint-Denis, Saint-Denis, France
  • 2010 « Je sont les autres » Art fair of Angers with Féréric Moisan Gallery, Anger, France
  • 2008 Participation Art fair, Metz, France

Solo Shows

  • 2012 « Débordements », Frédéric Moisan Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2011 « Out of Touch », l’espace In Vitro of library of Thionville, Thionville, France


  • 2013 Summer residence of ‘Yves de la Tour d’Auvergne’, Sainte-Alvère Périgord, France