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Gemstone forest / Una Ursprung

01 Jun 2024 - 06 Jul 2024

Gemstone forest

Artist : Una Ursprung

Date : June. 1st. 2024 – July. 6th. 2024

In the journey of Una Ursprung as a painter, the forest revealed itself to be a well of fertile inspirations, in a constant state of metamorphosis. The canvases are not limited to showcasing still natural landscapes;

they incarn the living echoes of her own ever-evolving emotions. This forest, comrad of her travels, has tinted her creativity through cultural diversity and the lifestyles met.

From Taiwan to France, from France to Switzerland before coming back to France, her internal universe metamorphoses in a rich and colorful mosaic. The interweaving of cultures and lived experiences in those different regions allows her sylvan works to reach a sensible and visual depth that is more intense.


  • Date: 01 Jun 2024 - 06 Jul 2024
  • Location:Metz
  • Curators:Pierre & Jisun