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A Psalm For The Wild Built

Taking its title from the eponymous book by Becky Chambers, this exhibition aspires to be a visual poem in reverence of the wild built. It stands as a declaration of love and solidarity from four wild built women artists, alongside the four wild built women running the Luisa Catucci Gallery, to their untamed peers—women, men and those in between, alike.

The inner wildness is a profound, untamed force residing deep within many individuals. Embracing this inner wildness enables women to access their primal power, reconnect with their natural instincts, and navigate life’s complexities with a fierce, unyielding spirit. This wildness defies societal expectations and limitations; it may be contained or restrained temporarily, but it inevitably finds its path to eruption. It is a source of immense strength, resilience, and intuition, manifesting in expressions of profound creativity, fierce protection, and unwavering determination. This torrent of raw creativity places women artists at the forefront of the wild built, despite the historical and societal disadvantages that have denied them the same opportunities afforded to their male counterparts.

Much like a volcano erupting after years of dormancy, the creativity of women has surged anew over the past century, contributing significantly to the inspiring and challenging transformations that society continuously requires. The manifestations of the craft of wild built women in the contemporary art scene are vast and varied. This exhibition does not seek to represent or teach the history of women in art (or other fields), but rather to simply express love and appreciation for kindred spirits.

Moreover, inner wilderness manifests in diverse forms of expression. This exhibition does not focus on the explosive gestures akin to Jackson Pollock or the passion-driven expressions of Tracey Emin, but rather on a wilderness that induces deep, profound reflections on oneself, society, existence, and one’s attitudes and roles.

Irina Gabiani:

Wild built Georgian artist based in Luxembourg, Irina Gabiani, creates her art within the concept of “Minimalism-Complexity,” an idea where minimalism and complexity do not oppose but complement each other. The artist rigorously investigates the conceptual interplay between frame, ornament, and space. The meticulously detailed patterns that demarcate the space are populated by carefully selected figures, objects, and shapes. In this context, the monochromatic space functions as a stage that elucidates the psychoanalytic notion of “grasping the lost.” This concept pertains to the human endeavour to comprehend and reclaim what has been lost, encompassing reality, memories, experiences, or fragments of the self.

In her oeuvre, Gabiani employs intricate lines and detailed patterns as symbolic acts of reclamation, encapsulating absence and rendering the intangible tangible. Her work serves as a visual manifestation of the persistent attempt to apprehend and interpret the lost elements within our consciousness, resonating with C.G. Jung’s theories on the collective unconscious and the integration of lost aspects of the self. The objects and figures in each composition are unified by a dominant colour, which fosters both coherence and visual complexity.

Gabiani’s examination extends to the dynamics of attention and perception, probing what we focus on, what we deem significant, and how these elements are contextualised. Her art underscores the equilibrium between presence and absence, prompting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between the two, thus engaging with Jungian concepts of individuation and the conscious realisation of unconscious content.

Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Brunnenstraße 170, 10119 Berlin, Germany


June 20th at 18:00-21:00.

Duration: 20 June – 30 August 2024

For more info about the exhibition you can visit website: