Christian Fuchs

Christian Fuchs (Lima, 1979) is a peruvian-chilean visual artist whose work revolves around questioning familial memory.

Christian grew up in Lima, Peru, in his grandparents’ house – on his father side of the family – surrounded by portraits, objects and documents which belong to his family for generations but also narrates a journey through different territories. This atmosphere full of testimonies, stories and lifestyles from other times brought him very early to question who those people, living in each corner of his house, were et that, through the stories of his grandmother Carmen, stayed more alive than some living persons. With time, this interest became stronger and stronger and it led him to conduct deeper research, not only on the names but on the personal stories that Christian gathered with the years from his travels to his family in the south of Chile, in Peru, in Argentina, in Germany and his Spain.

Christian’s work combines a documentary investigation: readings of postcards, diaries, written information on his ancestors, of birth and death certificates, of naval registers with photographs, of paintings, drawings… and series of familial archives of nostalgic pictures from a time before ours.

For a dozen years, Christian Fuchs works has been working on his series “Transgeneration” (through generations) in which, through the study of his ancestors’ life, canalization, make-up, clothing, characterization and performance converge into several men and women of his genealogical tree.

In may 2022, Christian shwocased an individual show called “I am my family” which took place in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California at Gallery Yiwei. He participated to several art fairs across the world, as well as projects and collective shows in galleries and museums. His work, to this day, has been showcased in Peru, Chile, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Spain and Australia.

His latest solo exhibition called « Familia » took place at Gallery Espacio Valverde in Madrid for Apertura (Madrid galleries’ weekend), he then took part in Estampia fair with the same gallery, fair in which he received the Price of the collection Studiolo. In December of that same year, Christian participated with some of his pieces from his series Transgeneration to Head on Photo festival in Sydney, Australia. As for this year 2024, he took part in Arco with the gallery Espacio Valverde, and works today towards his following solo show which is to be held at Gallery PJ in Metz, France, in July.

His work has also been subject to numerous articles releases in global press, such as BBC, Culture Trip, Lonely Plant, CGNT (China Global Television Network), Vanity Fair…


  • 2007 Photographie, Centre de l’Image (Centro de la Imagen), Lima, Pérou
  • 2004 Loi et sciences politiques, Université de Lima, Pérou


  • 2021 Yiwei Gallery, Playa del Rey, Los Angeles – Californie, Etats-Unis
  • 2018 Mana Contemporary, Downtown Miami Art Week 2018, Etats-Unis

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2023 FAMILIA, Galería Espacio Valverde, Madrid, Espagne
  • 2022 I AM MY FAMILY, curated by Yiwei Lu and Hailey Floyed. Yiwei Gallery, Venice Beach, Los Angeles – Californie, Etats-Unis
  • 2019 YO SOY EL ÁRBOL, Club Central, Trujillo, Espagne
  • 2019 ART LIMA 2019, Curateur : Gerardo Chávez – Maza, Pérou
  • 2018 RENACIMIENTO, FUGAZ, Callao Monumental, Lima, Pérou
  • 2011 DAS LAND DER ERINNERUNGEN, Galería de Arte Corriente Alterna, Lima, Pérou
  • 2009 AHNENSONNE, Galería 80m2 Lima, Pérou

Duo Exhibitions

  • 2018 MONTAGUES AND CAPULETS, Cinnabar Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, Etats-Unis
  • 2017 DEL PASADO Y EL AHORA. Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Chili
  • 2015 TRANSGENERATION, The Harts Gallery, New Milford Connecticut, Etats-Unis

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 Taizhou Contemporary Art Gallery/Yiwei Gallery, Zhejiang, Chine
  • 2023 International Localized Image Festival, curator: Yiwei Lu, Shenyang, Chine
  • 2018 ME, MYSELF AND I, THE PORTRAIT IN THE CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN ART. Curator: Uwe Goldenstein, Galerie Artdocks Bremen, Allemagne
  • 2018 LA RUTA DEL SABER. Curator: Ernesto Muñoz, Pabellón de Bellas Artes de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires, Argentine
  • 2018 HÁBITOS, LA FAMILIA, PROPIEDAD PRIVADA Y EL ARCHIVO. Curator: Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta, Callao Monumental, Fugaz.
  • 2017 PASSION, Berlin Selected Artists, Galerie im Park. Curator: Uwe Goldenstein, Historical Museum of the Psychiatric Clinic, Bremen, Allemagne
  • 2017 FEMININE/FEMINIST, Cinnabar Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, Etats-Unis
  • 2017 SUPERNATURAL – Survey of the “Figurative”, Contemporary Art & Aureus Contemporary Gallery, New York, Etats-Unis
  • 2015 LA ARISTA DEL TIEMPO, Galería Arte Espacio, Santiago de Chile, Chili
  • 2015 LA ENCOMIENDA, Galería Marta Traba, Memorial de America Latina de Sao Paulo, Brésil
  • 2015 DIALOGO ENTRE TIEMPOS I, Galería Municipal de Arte Pancho Fierro, Lima, Pérou
  • 2014 PRESENTE SIN TIEMPO, Galería Christopher Paschall, Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2014 LA ENCOMIENDA, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santiago de Chile, Chili
  • 2013 SPIRIT UNLIMITED, On & Off Galerie, Hamburg, Allemagne
  • 2011 LA ENCOMIENDA, 30 year Anniversary of Jacob Karpio Gallery. Klaus Steinmetz Gallery, San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  • 2011 ANIMALES HISTORICOS. (Art Week Lima) Galería Corriente Alterna, Lima, Pérou
  • 2011 CODIGO POSTAL. (Biennal of Photography, Lima) Galería Corriente Alterna – Galería Vértice, Lima, Pérou
  • 2010 MI OTRO YO, Centro Cultural Parra del Riego, Barranco, Lima, Pérou
  • 2008 EN MOVIMIENTO. Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo, San Isidro, Lima, Pérou
  • 2008 CUATRO X CUATRO, Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés, Lima, Pérou

International Art Fairs

  • 2024 ARCO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, Espacio Valverde – Madrid, Espagne
  • 2023 ESTAMPA CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Espacio Valverde – Madrid, Espagne
  • 2020 PHOTOLAFAIR Photo LA, O Art Project, Los Angeles – Californie, Etats-Unis
  • 2019 THE OTHERS ART FAIR, O Art Project, Torino, Italie
  • 2019 PARIS CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW, O Art Project, Paris, France
  • 2019 ESTE ARTE ART FAIR, O Art Project, Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • 2018 BUENOS AIRES PHOTO, O Art Project – Buenos Aires, Argentine
  • 2017 ART LIMA, IK Projects, Lima, Pérou
  • 2017 TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, IK Projects, Tokyo, Japan