David Scognamiglio

Our relationship with reality, with the present, is surrounded by cracks that open onto the in- visible. Moving from a focused vision to a blurred, multiform one enables us to confront other worlds. The sphere of the inexplicable and that of reason are superimposed in an obscure zone. curcie.

Here, nebulous light appears.

The exhibition presents the main lines that make up the fragmented universe of David Scognamig lio’s fragmented universe.

structural reflections
membranes, sculpted shadows, millimetric burns, incandescences,
orated waves, textures.
All these elements allow us to approach the artist’s mental geographies of the artist.
From these emerge an interest in the manipulation of time, the symbolic charge present in places and materials, and the way in which the artist manipulates time.

Solo shows

  • 2023  Nébuleuses lumières, Galerie PJ, Metz, France
  • 2022    Re Flectere, Forastero, Santiago, Chile
  • 2021    Incandescenze, Studio D’Azeglio, Bologna, Italy
  • 2020    Biología Temporal, NAC gallery, Santiago, Chile
  • 2017    Aqua Lucens, Italian Embassy, Santiago, Chile
  •             Pluvium, Italian Institute of Culture, Santiago, Chile
  • 2016    De Rivus, NAC Gallery, Santiago, Chile
  • 2014    Constelaciones, Gabriela Mistral Gallery, Santiago, Chile

Group shows

  • 2023    Unir 9 puntos con 4 líneas, NAC Gallery, Santiago, Chili
  • 2022    Al principio fue la verdad, La Merceria Gallery, Valencia, Spain
  • 2021    Acción Performance, en ligne @matucana100, Santiago, Chile
  • 2020    Fil Noir, Dimore Gallery, Milano, Italy
  • 2019    MAAP, Rione San Giacomo, Matera, Italy
  •             Invasioni Contemporanee, Castignano, Italy
  •             Objecte de Estudi, Angels 2 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2018    Residual, University Museum, Alicante, Spain
    Noche blanca, Alicante, Spain
  • 2017    Luoghi per sottrazione, Sassi Foundation, Matera, Italy
    Corpus Mine, Miniere Museum, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Italy
    Lĕvis Lēvis, Open Dark, Santiago, Chile
    Compañia 1263, Santiago, Chile
  • 2016    La bellezza dello sguardo, Montiglio Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile
  • 2015    Electric Avenue, Monoambiente Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Festival de las Artes, Valparíso, Chile
  • 2014    Área / Bordes, Municipal Theater, Santiago, Chile
    Nuit Blanche, Paris, FR
    Festival Les Insolites, Le Moustier Cultural Center, Thorigny, FR
    Ciclo de creación contemporánea, Municipal Theater, Santiago, Chile
  • 2013    Festival Cultura Transforma, Milm2, Santiago, Chile
    Área / Santiago, Factoría Italie, Santiago, Chile
  • 2012    Que no ve, Contemporary Architecture Center, Santiago, Chile
  • 2010    UrbanLuz, Church of San Isidro, Santiago, Chile
  • 2008    Intercollectifs Festival, Toulouse, FR
  • 2007    SpaziEvasi Festival, Francavilla, Italy


  • 2019    Master in Production and Research in Contemporary Art, University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2010    Degree in Light Studies, Pontifical Catholic University, Chile.
  • 2006    Architect Degree, University of Florence, Italy.


  • 2023  Lima, Peru
  • 2023  Luxembourg Artweek, Luxembourg
  • 2022    SWAB art fair, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2021    Artcity, Bologna, Italy
  • 2019    Fiera di arte pubblica, Matera, Italy
  • 2016    Art Stgo, Santiago, Chile


  • 2019    Selected in the “Nuit Blanche” competition, Paris, FR
  •             Selected in the “Invasioni Contemporanee” competition, Ascoli, Italy
  • 2018    Selected in the “PLUS” competition, Museum of the University of Alicante, Spain
  • 2017    Selected in the “Luoghi per sottrazione” Sassi Foundation, Matera, Italy
  • 2016    Honorable mention in the “La bellezza dello sguardo” competition, Santiago de Chile
  • 2015    Selected in the “FAV Festival de las Artes” competition, Valparaiso, Chile
  • 2014    Selected in the “Galería Gabriela Mistral” competition, Santiago de Chile
  •             Selected in the “Creación en Tiempo Real” competition, Santiago de Chile
  •             Selected in the “Nuit Blanche” competition, Paris, FR
  • 2007    Selected in the “Festival SpaziEvasi” competition, Francavilla, Italy


  • 2019    Invasioni Contemporanee, Castignano, Italy
  • 2018    PLUS, University Museum, Alicante, Spain
  • 2017    Sassi Foundation, Matera, Italy
  • 2015    Monoambiente Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2021    David Scognamiglio, Artist’s book, Italian Cultural Institute of Santiago

2018    Bernabé Gomez Moreno, Catalog PLUS Research and Artistic Production Residencies, Universidad de Alicante

2017    Ylenia Rose Testore, Corpus Mine Catalog, Miniere Museum

2014    Florencia Lowenthal, Juan José Santos, Constelaciones Catalog, Gabriela Mistral Gallery