Irina Gabiani à Kunstverein Karnten Exposition Never Cross the same river twice

Curateur : Kisito Assangni  Date : 30.04 – 09.06.2022 NEVER CROSS THE SAME RIVER TWICEChapter 3: Spectrum of AppearancesKunstverein KärntenKlagenfurt, AustriaKunstverein Kärnten ( April – 9 June 2022NEVER CROSS THE SAME RIVER TWICE embraces expansive videographies that aim to foster new forms of transnational and collective assembly. The exhibition forms a time-shifting survey of performances […]

Mudam : Dimanche 27 Mars 10:00-18:00 exposition et vente 100% à faveur de l’Ukraine Participating artists: Yann Annicchiarico, Christian Aschman, Tessy Bauer, Laurianne Bixhain, Justine Blau, Mike Bourscheid, Serge Ecker, Rozafa Elshan, Michel Feinen, Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil, Robert Frankle, Irina Gabiani, Patrick Galbats, Tina Gillen, Marco Godinho, Anne-Marie Herckes, Hisae Ikenaga, Sophie Jung, Lisa Kohl, Boris Loder, Catherine Lorent, Filip Markiewicz, Lidia Markiewicz, Karolina Markiewicz & […]

Parcours d’Artistes à Metz

2 week-ends dédiés à l’art et à la rencontre avec les artistes dans la ville de Metz et sa métropole (Ouverture en semaine pour certains lieux). Depuis 14 ans, l’association Parcours d’artistes en Lorraine organise cet événement en l’adaptant aux circonstances et au développement de Metz et sa métropole. Privilégiant les ateliers d’artistes, l’événement regroupe […]

Horyon Lee “Spring Girls,” by Sunwoo Jung-a, Is Both Feminist and as Sexy as Hell. Lets Give It the Attention It Deserves.

Spring Girls, by singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung-a, is literally dripping with sex. For starters, take the word cheonyeo (처녀) in its Korean title. Many sources do give “young unmarried woman” as one meaning, so “girls” seems fine for the English. (When they’re obvious, Korean usually omits plurals.) But most translate it as “virgin” first. Why would Sunwoo choose something so loaded? The neutral term agasshi (아가씨) […]

Hidden works

Find the sculptures and get the certificates of authenticity at the Galerie PJ or at the Casino du Luxembourg. They are yours! American artist Brent BIRNBAUM has hidden 3 sculptures “Vann Goes”: 2 sculptures in Metz city available from 13.02.22 1 sculpture in Luxembourg city available from 27.02.22 For 20 years Brent Birnbaum has been […]

The Resonance of Trees

The Korean Cultural Center Brussels shows the photo exhibition of “The Resonance of Trees” in collaboration with the Photo Brussels Festival. In this exhibition, 4 photographers ; KIM Jungman, KIM Sinwook, KIM Daesoo, LEE Jeonglok, with unique perspectives and experiences on trees tell the deep resonance of trees. Trees resemble humans in many aspects. The impression […]