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Hidden works

Find the sculptures and get the certificates of authenticity at the Galerie PJ or at the Casino du Luxembourg.

They are yours!

American artist Brent BIRNBAUM has hidden 3 sculptures “Vann Goes”:

  • 2 sculptures in Metz city available from 13.02.22
  • 1 sculpture in Luxembourg city available from 27.02.22

For 20 years Brent Birnbaum has been making art under his name for galleries and museums. The start of this new year brings the birth of a new artist. Brent has created the pseudonym Vann Goes to make art for the streets, parking lots of concerts, and the vans traveling the world. Vann Goes is an amalgamation of art history, Grateful Dead culture, and van life – sometimes involving cats. Birnbaum has never been interested in Instagram, but Vann Goes (@vann_goes) will use his account to blur the lines between social media and digital and video art. All of Vann Goes artwork will be numbered and numbers 1-2 will be in Metz  3 will be in Luxembourg vill… and free for the taking. In 2013, Brent Birnbaum was in the middle of a 5-year project of collecting coat check tags and locker keys from museums around the world when he came to town for his exhibition at Casino. His artwork, Museum Collection, consists of 48 such objects displayed in a vitrine. He returned home to New York that winter with a coat check tag from the Centre Pompidou-Metz, a locker key from Mudam, and a locker key from Casino Luxembourg. As a way to return the favor to the region for “helping” him complete his project, he is giving away his first 3 artworks made by Vann Goes. Vann Goes works numbers 1-3 are based on Brent’s time traveling the United States in his van with his 2 cats as well as the first sketch Vincent Van Gogh ever made. According to his mother, his first drawing was of a cat climbing an apple tree. Perhaps you will come across a Vann Goes somewhere in the streets of Metz or Luxembourg, maybe close to a tree. Feel free to take it home with you if you do.