Germain Roesz, Michel Lascault – “Les yeux révulsés sur l’envers du voir”


Catalog of paintings by Michel Lascault.

Critical study by Germain Roesz.

Cover design: Sylvie Massoud.

167 pages

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Michel Lascault’s painting is never quiet. The gaze is abandoned, one is caught up in imagining paradise, quickly joined by the discord to come and by a dysharmony of circumstance. Everything and its opposite to affirm the fullness of a chaos that the painter touches with his finger and corrects with a childish laugh.

Germain Roesz (born in 1949), painter, combines the practice of plastic arts, poetry and theoretical research. He analyzes here in depth some 170 paintings of Michel Lascault, realized from 2020 to 2022, which he links to Gauguin and to the neo-expressionists of the Neue Wilde.