LeeEu’s latest series “Painting in Question” is a work that focuses mainly on the relationship between the canvas and the pigments, but also on their materiality. This painting thus challenges us as a pictorial object, that is, as a painting that does not excessively imply a realistic sense and does not evoke anything other than material reality.

The excessive mass of pigments, like a material overflowing from the square canvas, makes us wonder about painting thanks to this unknown situation generated by the link that the canvas, the medium of painting, maintains with the pigments. Indeed, the mass of pigments freed from the square frame allows us to recognize the canvas, which until now was only a window, an image inviting us to dive into the illusion, like a new tool of square modeling. Thus, we are no longer content to contemplate the universe contained by the canvas, but we can now observe the canvas itself, i.e. the state of the material.

Moreover, the artist’s minimalist work, which consists in creating a form sometimes by resorting mainly to the gravitational force, sometimes by adding simple brushstrokes, makes us reflect on the laborious work of painting.

The minimal intervention of the artist, the pigments overflowing from the canvas and this painting questioned that no longer represents a flat surface, but rather the shape of an object … And through this questioning, we leave again to the research of the artistic elements offered by this painting in question.

(Lee Eunhwa)
born in 1976 in South Korea
in France since 2002

Solo Show

  • 2022 Lee Eu, Peinture en question,Galerie Artwork Paris-Seoul, Seoul
  • 2022 Lee Eu, Maison Suri, Paris
  • 2020 Lee Eu, Galerie Yeonoje, Seoul
  • 2019 Lee Eu, Galerie Artwork Paris-Seoul, Seoul
  • 2019 Lire entre les ligne, Daegu art factory, Daegu
  • 2017 Être, Galerie Regard Sud, Lyon
  • 2016 Lee Eu, Galerie Artwork Paris-Séoul, Séoul
  • 2016 Lee Eu, nouvelles peintures, Galerie Iconoclastes, Paris
  • 2013 Fragrances, Galerie l’art à la page, Paris
  • 2011 Paysages, objets, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris


  • 1999 Université d’Hong-Ik, Séoul, Corée du sud
  • 2007 École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg


  • 2022 Pium residency, Corée du sud
  • 2018 Daegu art factory, Corée du sud
  • 2011 Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Group Show

  • 2023 Structure en mouvement, Duo show, Galerie PJ, Metz, France
  • 2022 Art-ist, Boontheshop, Seoul
  • 2022 KABINETT of Collectors, Hyundai Deaprtement store, Seoul
  • 2022 Parchment, Yoonsun Gallery, Daegu
  • 2022 Imagine peace, Square root, Gosung
  • 2021 Sonamou 30 years, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
  • 2021 Sonamou, Beaubourg24, Paris
  • 2021 The flat fold, Maison juste, Paris
  • 2020 Lumières d'hiver , Galerie Horizon, Paris
  • 2019 Crossroads, Daegu artfactory, Daegu
  • 2019 The infinity of art, Ulsan art center, Ulsan
  • 2018 Gan, Bastille design center, Paris
  • 2017 Construction time again, Bastille design center, Paris
  • 2016 Before the word, gallery 89, Paris
  • 2015 Le dessin dans tous ses états, Korean cultural center, Paris
  • 2014 8967, Atelier Gustave, Paris
  • 2014 Nos plus belles années, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
  • 2014 Regards croisés, Mairie du 7e, Paris
  • 2013 AJAC 30 YEARS, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris
  • 2013 Lisières, Espace KIA, Paris
  • 2013 Matière des songes, Espace des Arts sans frontières, Paris
  • 2012 Walk, Korean Cultural Center, Berlin
  • 2012 Marabout ficelle, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
  • 2012 Demeures, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris
  • 2012 Say, See, Sense, Korean Cultural Center, Madrid
  • 2011 Printemps Jaillissant, Chapelle de la Salpêtrière, Paris
  • 2011 Intime, extime, Korean Cultural Center, Paris
  • 2010 Le spectacle figé, Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris


  • City of Seoul
  •  Lyon City
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  •  Louis Vuitton, Seoul