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Interior Theater

23 Jan 2021 - 27 Feb 2021

Interior Theater

 Irina Gabiani

23.January – 27. February 2021

Vernissage Saturday 23.January 13-17h


December two thousand and twenty.

Irina Gabiani’s response to the springtime physical confinement comes with the desire to question

and to conceptualize such a particular moment in our existence, a desire to highlight the uncertainty of present

and future times with regard to a reassuring near past.
In fact, most of the works presented in this exhibition were produced during this period.
The nightly darkened or, conversely, pale whitewashed wood panel or canvas support becomes a

“theatrical space ” that creates a representation.
Anonymous, enigmatic or even ghostly characters, as well as everyday objects appear and

all seem so familiar to us. They seem to become carriers of messages and play the role of conveyors,

conveyors of the artist’s ego to the spectator that we are.
They start a Bergamasque as if to refuse the ambient sadness and participate in a choreography,

a precise and ordered theatrical scenography: a revealed dreamlike topography.
What story are they telling us?
What are they revealing to us?
The diversity of arbitrariness on the chessboard of our lives, gives everyone the free will to seek or

to find an answer… or not to this questioning.

Pierre & Ji Sun

  • Date: 23 Jan 2021 - 27 Feb 2021
  • Location:6 rue Mazelle, Metz