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une journée parfaite

19 Mar 2022 - 16 Apr 2022

A single season for equation, the season of the body, the season of the spirit.
The hand moves forward, the brush commands.

Presence of the moon, the wind blows, a smoking hill, a pensive man / on horseback, umbrella headgear, volcanic contemplation / smoke straddled direction Napoli, still fumarole / shaggy characters leaving, rod in hand, hand on hip / Mickey fishing / the distracted forgetting his hands / isolated clouds, turquoise scattering, green reflection / Hopla / blah blah blah / the great decisions are made by two: my dog and me, my raven and me, my bear and me, my mouse and me, my horse and me, me and me, blah blah blah / the right profile, erased profile, here we are at our destination, pink / Hopla-parachute, lost in the purple.

A perfect day
Hervé Creff in search of a temporality to feed, to enrich, perhaps his present.

Pierre & Ji Sun

  • Date: 19 Mar 2022 - 16 Apr 2022
  • Location:6 rue Mazelle, Metz
  • Curators:Pierre & Jisun