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Minimal Complexity / Irina Gabiani

24 Feb 2024 - 30 Mar 2024

Minimal Complexity

 Irina Gabiani

24.Febuary – 30.March.2024

The works presented fall under the harmonic concept of “Minimal-Complexity”, invented by the artist Irina Gabiani, who operates a merger where minimalism and complexity are not in opposition, but complement each other.

Minimal art, with its essence of simplicity and its rejection of superfluous ornamentation, offers a sharp contrast to works that delight in the richness of detail and the complexity of compositions. However, Gabiani’s works show how these two approaches can coexist in a harmonious and intriguing way.



  • Date: 24 Feb 2024 - 30 Mar 2024
  • Location:Metz
  • Curators:Pierre & Ji Sun