Ho Ryon Lee

As I distinguish the forms mainly by superimposing or juxtaposing images of women, I examines the connections, my works along with film; photography; and novels . In these series, I maximize the similarity to the appearance of photographs (while adjusting the degree of depiction as shown in the photographs) and select techniques to process them into smooth expressions. The difference between a photograph and the painting is inevitably revealed due to the representation of light through pigment and traces of fine brush strokes, and clearly positions the work as a painted image. It is, therefore, difficult to conceive that the model in my painting is an index of the actual object. Rather, my painting is clearly distinguished from a photograph because of the freedom of colour and strokes that are only able to be conveyed via the properties the pigment possesses. Film is located farther from fine art (specifically painting) than the photograph, but connects photographs and films based on photographs in a way similar to the effect of overlapping still images in film, although the projected image does not show a clear formal commonality with the fixed-image of my work. Desire is the essence of humans who wander from a world that is inexpressible through language to a world that is able to be expressed through language, and I adopt a collage method arranged on a canvas to cover realistic aspects of the desires that I have experienced and remembered. The fragmented images that make up this collage scene signify the coexistence of moments, represented similarly in film through visible montage and, likewise, through the fragmentary writing found in novels. By following the birth of the subject who desires and the birth of art with desire, understanding the reality of desire and evaluating my desires will be the most important points to be pursued in my work.


  • 2020 Hong-Ik Univ, Seoul, Painting, Ph.D course
  • 2009 Hong-Ik Univ, Seoul, Painting, Master of Fine Art
  • 2006 Hannam Univ, Painting, Bachelor of Fine Art

Solo exhibition

  • 2022 “Moment impalpable”, Galerie PJ, Metz, France
  • 2021 ArtSpace KC, Seongnam, Korea
  • 2018   INDIPRESS gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • 2014  Galerie Michael Nolte, Münster, Germany
  • 2014  Galerie Simon Nolte, Illes Balears,, Spain
  • 2013  Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
  • 2010  Gallery I-MYU projects, London, UK
  • 2009  Galerie Bhak, Seoul, Korea
  • 2007  Gallery AKA Seoul, Seoul, Korea

Group Shows

  • Chungmunkyu Museum, Ansan, Korea
  • Covillective, Galerie PJ, Metz, France
  • Joeun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Portrait of Lady, Opera gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Contemporary art of Korea II, Inyoung gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Muted Scene, Elas art gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • A forest becomes path, Seoul National University  Alumni Association building, Seoul, Korea
  • SEE, Hongik Museum of Art, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
  • 10 Artists-Gallery30 open invitation group exhibition, gallery30, Seoul, Korea
  • Reality and Illusion, Seokdang Museum of Art, Dong-A University, Busan, Korea
  • Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul, Korea
  • 12 X 12 show, Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A
  • Taste of Korea, Gallery Omer Tiroche, London, UK
  • Small painting with big heart, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
  • Nordart 2014 Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Carlshütte, Germany
  • LOVE ACTUALLY, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea
  • Soul of Seoul, Gallerie S.E, Bergen, Norway
  • Summer Show 2011, HADA Contemporary, London, UK
  • Thank you 3rd , JS Gallery, Paju, Korea
  • Mini Ensemble, Galerie Bhak, Seoul, Korea
  • Korea-Interview-Japan, KEPCO plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • 13 Young Artists: Above daily Life, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea
  • The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art, INSA Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  • Trompe-l’oeil in Imagination, CAIS Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Retrospective Paintings 2007, DOOSAN gallery / Noam gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • INTERFACE, DIO Artcenter, Incheon, Korea
  • Brand New-CollectionⅡ, Eugene gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Real seeng &Real view, INSA Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  • cuting edge, Seoul auction center, Seoul, Korea
  • Diversity in Form & Thought, Beijing Art Gallery of Imperial City, Beijing, China
  • Now & Seoul, Soop Gallery, Seoul, Korea
  • Young Artist Exhibition, Gangneung Museum, Gangneong, Korea
  • Drawing is…, gallery Da, Seoul, Korea