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Moment Impalpable

18 Jun 2022 - 06 Aug 2022


Moment impalpable

Through he’s paintings, Ho Ryon Lee breaks up a moment of reflection, an impalpable moment that always shares the same subject: the woman.

           The moving presence, fragmented or not, of the model speaks to us of a resonance where curiosity and imagination intertwine and suggests the idea of female solidarity.

A touch of sensitivity leads to concrete changes, free of problems. In this moment comes the feeling of a desire to share, of a tangible presence as an evidence in our eyes. The sometimes visible or sometimes absent surroundings reveal the impalpable moment present in each of the paintings.

In fact, in the small formats, the female entourage is not represented. Her absence does not appear to us in an empty space (yet it is this emptiness that both separates and connects). The model seems to absorb this space to multiply it through her.

However, in the large formats, the surroundings abound with femininity and ambient curiosity. The immanent perception of the characters is exercised through interspersed, often intertwined temporalities.


Pierre & Ji Sun

  • Date: 18 Jun 2022 - 06 Aug 2022
  • Location:6 Rue Mazelle, Metz
  • Curators:Pierre & Ji Sun