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Structure en mouvement

Titre : Structure en mouvement
Artiste : Marie France Uzac & LeeEu
Date : April.22 – May.27. 2023

Galerie PJ presents two female artists, Marie France Uzac, originally from Metz and LeeEu from South Korea. Both artists use plaster as a medium in completely opposite ways.

Marie France Uzac, creates a plaster mold using found objects, her works have an architectural, organizational, political and historical trajectory, which influences the final appearance. From domestic blisters that serve as molds and through the discovery of volume in these structures have realized a real architectural achievement.
LeeEu, the mass and the pigment are freed from the frame. Looking at his work, the work on canvas as such disappears to make room for the material, the canvas. His work as a painter no longer represents a flat surface, but rather the shape of an object, the artist goes in search of the artistic elements offered by this painting in question.

The two minimalist artists create a structure in movement through their pigments that is both recarded and liberated.